We are always looking for experienced and motivated new stylists to join our salon family. 10th Avenue Hair Designs is Pensacola's largest full-service booth rental salon. As a family and community minded salon with 35 years serving the Gulf Coast, your experience with us will be nothing short of first class.

Between the private rooms, front desk support, ongoing opportunities for education, and flexibility to keep your own schedule, it’s a work environment in which we support and encourage you to thrive.


Salon Receptionist

I am so happy with my decision to join the 10th Avenue family! In my 18 years of doing hair, this has been the best salon, best group of co-workers, and best opportunity to build quickly while simultaneously having lots of opportunity to grow my business and personally, as a stylist. The previous owners had a great business model that has withstood the test of time and now new owners Cody and Namrita Brooke are taking off in a stellar direction of bringing it to the future!
— 10th Avenue Stylist

About us

10th Avenue Hair Designs was founded 36 years ago by Dale and Sheila Moore. In January 2019, the salon changed ownership to Cody Brooke of Gulf Breeze, FL and his wife Namrita Brooke who relocated to Pensacola from Atlanta, GA.


Our mission is to continually grow and improve the salon with quality people who share our values of 

1) emphasizing productivity and efficiency in our work, with the primary goals of providing the highest quality service and experience to our guests and highest quality of life for our stylists

2) pursuing continued growth and education 

3) collaborating and giving back to the Pensacola community

Our belief is that a salon is only made successful by the team of people in the salon— from the owners, to the stylists, to the employees.

- Cody and Namrita Brooke

- Cody and Namrita Brooke

10th Avenue is so much more positive, has more structure, is more organized and consistent compared to my previous salons. I feel like I am going places instead of feeling stagnant or like I was going backwards. It is nice to have owners who not only believe in you and want the stylists to be happy, but want our guests to be just as happy! I have learned a lot and hope to have lifelong growth with y’all.
— 10th Avenue Stylist
I’m so impressed with y’all’s drive and desire to help your staff grow instead of just growing your pockets. It means a lot to finally be in a salon that is definitely going forward and trying diligently to take the staff with it. After all, without the staff, the salon wouldn’t survive. So thanks for your time, energy, drive, and positive push for us to grow WITH you!
— 10th Avenue Stylist