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10th Avenue Hair Designs

Our Team

10th Avenue Hair Designs is home to some of the best hair stylists, estheticians, and nail technicians in Pensacola. As a premiere, full-service salon, our team is passionate about what they do and it shows.

Owners and Stylists

Dale Moore

Dale grew up in a family full of hairdressers. His mother, brother, and uncle were all part of the industry allowing Dale a taste of the stylist life from an early age. It was Dale’s uncle who was the main influence on Dale’s decision to pursue hairdressing.

Dale worked at Gayfer’s for a year, then with two other private salons before opening 10th Avenue Hair Design. That was over 30 years ago. The salon started out as a 1400-foot shotgun house with 8 chairs. After 5 expansions, the salon has become the bustling business you see today. Now with 22 chairs, an education/break room, and private rooms for each stylist, 10th Avenue is one of the most successful salons in Pensacola.

According to Dale, the key to success is giving back to the community. “If you’re unwilling to give, you’re unwilling to get,” he says. From gift certificates for salon services to hours of service given to the community through church and other organizations, Dale and Sheila are very generous to the Pensacola area. It is this generosity, coupled with hands-on management and a team spirit that has kept 10th Avenue Hair Designs in business for over 30 years, and will, hopefully, sustain it for many years to come.

Sheila Moore

Every business entrepreneur needs a partner; one that will keep him grounded and focused, and tells him when his head is too far into the clouds. For Dale, that partner is his wife, Sheila Moore.

Sheila had not planned to be a hair stylist and, in fact, was preparing to graduate nursing school when she met Dale. Upon graduation, Sheila worked as an OR nurse. They dated a year before marrying. At the time, 10th Avenue was in its 5th year and going strong. Sheila quickly realized after watching the stylists that they had significantly more flexible schedules than she did as a nurse. This led her to pursue a cosmetology license with the intention to simply help Dale run the business. After assisting Dale for several months, Sheila began her own career as a stylist.

Being a stylist, Sheila enjoys creating deeper relationships with her clients nurturing those relationships into friendships. According to Sheila, “Communication is what makes you successful in this industry. Being an intentional listener with your clients - knowing their stories, the names of their kids, etcetera - that is what sets successful hairdressers apart more than their skills or talent. Listening creates loyalty.”

As a salon co-owner, Sheila is also highly aware of the commitment it takes to maintain success. One of the most important lessons she has learned is that 10th Avenue’s success is not due to Dale and herself but from investing their time and efforts into their stylists, technicians, and all other staff. Sheila says, “It is like a marriage commitment to open a salon: it takes communication and time investment. And you don’t always get back what you put in.” Many of the stylists at 10th Avenue Hair Design began as assistants, or even as front desk coordinators and then made their way through cosmetology school to become stylists. This investment has created the family atmosphere you see today.

Office Management and Reception

Cody Brooke

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Anthony Blackmon

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Amy Johns

Amy began her career in hair in 1995 in Evansville, Indiana and continued it at 10th Avenue when she relocated to Pensacola in 2000. Always up for a challenge, Amy enjoys working with colors ranging from your natural blonde looks to experimental vivid colors. Foils are her specialty and she finds it rewarding to make her clients look and feel good.

Amy passionately maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. Her free time is occupied with fitness and chasing around her children.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Cut: $40+
  • Men's Cut: $30+
  • Color & Cut: $95+
  • Full Foil & Cut: $130
  • Partial Foil & Cut: $105
  • Balayage: $90+
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 – 5:00
Angie Gressett

Angie has been in the cosmetology field for 18 years. In 2004, she joined the 10th Avenue team after seeing that the salon won Best of the Bay that year. We are proud to say she has been here since. Trained in Mississippi, Angie has made sure to increase her knowledge with classes including Wella color classes. Her talent is creating natural looking color/ highlights and completing the look with complimenting haircuts, unique to each client. Dedicated to listening to her clients needs, Angie uses her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail and advanced cut/ color expertise to create a style that her clients will love.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $40 and up
  • Men's Haircut: $20 and up
  • Full Color & Cut: $80 and up
  • Full Highlight & Cut: $105 and up
  • Monday & Tuesday 10:00 – 4:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 – 8:00
  • Thursday 12:00 – 8:00
  • Friday 10:00 – 5:00
Bridget Etheridge

Bridget has been a cosmetologist for 4 years and was drawn to the creativity and diversity the beauty world offers. In 2010, Bridget came to 10th Avenue as an assistant to Dale Moore. She then assisted Tamar Mitchell for a 6-month period. Bridget trained for her license at Fortis Institute but she credits her extensive knowledge to the training she receive with Dale and Tamar, as well as the hair shows and classes she has attended. Among these classes are a Phillip Wilson cutting class, Wella color class, and a Chi cutting class. She aspires to be a master colorist and create natural looks with edgy colors. Her areas of specialty include ombre and balayage coloring.

Bridget may be busy, but she is never too busy for her family and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews. Plus, she uses her creativity to create various projects at home and is a weekend DIY queen.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women’s Haircut: $35
  • Shampoo/Blow dry: $25
  • Full Color/Cut: $100
  • Balayage: $100 and up
  • Ombre: $100 and up
  • Formal Styles: $45 and up
  • Keratin: $100 and up
  • Tuesday – Friday 10:00 – 6:00
  • Saturday 10:00 – 5:00
Brooke Miller

Brooke joined the 10th Avenue team in 2011 when she relocated from Grayton Beach. Brooke received her education in Niceville. Wedding hair, up dos, and foiling blondes are her specialties. With her desire to try new styles and a drive to help people feel beautiful, Brooke is passionate about her work and it shows.

Outside the salon, this Destin native is a dog lover, a fashion fanatic, and she enjoys spending time with her family. At 10th Avenue, we appreciate Brooke’s talent and we look forward to watching her skills flourish.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Woman's Haircut: $40
  • Hair Color & Cut: $85
  • Bridal Hair: $65 in shop, $75 on location
  • Extensions: Requires a Consultation, average around $1000
  • Tuesday – Thursday 4:00 – 8:00
  • Every Other Saturday 10:00 – 5:00
Cacee Dove

Cacee began her journey in the cosmetology field 12 years ago and has also been teaching at George Stone for the past nine years. She finds pleasure in teaching her clients all aspects of hair care and is never more fulfilled than when a client has an “a-ha” moment. Trained at Capri Beauty College in Chicago, Cacee looks for opportunities to continue her own education, as well as opportunities to enhance her teaching career. Cacee moved back to the Pensacola area 2 1/2 years ago and returned to 10th Avenue because of its busy pace and good reputation. As a business owner, she does her best to offer a wide variety of services to her clients and especially adores airbrush makeup.

As a former military wife, Cacee understands the stress of finding a new stylist and offers special discounts to military wives. Outside of the salon, Cacee makes time to participate in running events for charitable causes and also donates hair services for local charities.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $45
  • Men's Haircut: $25
  • Cut & Color Touch-up: $85
  • Color & Cut: $100 and up
  • Full Foil & Cut: $130 and up
  • Bridal Airbrush Makeup: $110 and includes a trial session
  • Regular Airbrush Makeup: $65 for one session
  • Non Airbrush Makeup: $45
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30 – 8:00
  • Saturday 8:00 – 5:00
Dawn Hamil

Becoming a stylist has been in the cards for Dawn, who started cutting her sister's hair when she was twelve years old. She has since trained with a diverse range of educators. She has apprenticed under Toni and Guy trainers, has received certification in Brazilian blowouts, and has learned makeup techniques through working with MAC and La Bella Donna experts. Dawn offers a wide variety of services including airbrush bridal makeup, spray tanning, and also uses the Balayage technique for hair color.

Dawn is passionate about giving back to her community through outreach programs and is active in her church where she is the Director of the creative art department. This mother of two brings her own unique style to 10th Avenue and we are grateful to have her as part of our team.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut and Style: $40
  • Men's Haircut: $25
  • Shampoo and Blowdry: $25-$35
  • Color and Cut: $85
  • Bridal Airbrush Makeup: $125 (includes free trial)
  • Regular Bridal Makeup: $95
  • Event Makeup: $65/airbrush $45/basic
  • Monday 6:00 – 6:00
  • Tuesday 6:00 – 2:00
  • Thursday 6:00 – 8:00
  • Friday 6:00 – 5:00
Debbie Weaver

Debbie began her cosmetology career 24 years ago and it has taken her all over the world. After studying at Coastal Beauty Academy in Pensacola, she has pursued an extensive range of training. Debbie has attended the Redken Exchange Academy in New York City for color and cutting, Vidal Sassoon School in Toronto for cutting as well as many other classes in Rome, London and Chicago. Color is Debbie’s specialty and she attributes this to the Redken training.

With her many talents, Debbie came to 10th Avenue 16 years ago when she was invited by one of her friends. After talking to our owner, Dale, Debbie was convinced that 10th Avenue was the place for her due to its professionalism and that feeling of “home” when she walked through the front door. To this day, Debbie still feels at home here and she enjoys sharing that experience with her clients. We are certainly glad she has made her home with us here at 10th Avenue.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Cut $45+
  • Cut & Color $85+
  • Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-7
  • Wednesday & Friday 10:30-5
  • Saturday 9-3
Giovanna Colemures

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Heather Shimp

Heather has been a stylist for 15 plus years. Prior to joining the 10th Avenue team in 2001, she was with Dillard’s Aveda Salon. She received advanced training in hair cutting, color concept, foil placement, and gained extensive product knowledge. Heather also credits Tamar Mitchell with teaching her a great deal during her 1.5 years of assisting. Heather is a firm believer in hair health and has often said, “If it isn’t healthy, it isn’t pretty!” With that in mind, she searched for a color line that preserves the hair’s integrity and she found Jaylad from John Amico. This color line uses enzymes instead of peroxide to activate the color, reducing damage and fading. She also offers a non-formaldehyde smoothing system from John Amico, Global Keratin taming system, and HotHeads and UltraTress tape-in hair extensions.

Heather firmly believes, “Women deserve to be pampered so that they leave the salon feeling not only beautiful and confident but refreshed and relaxed and ready to face the challenges of the day.”

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Cut $45+
  • Color & Cut $100+
  • Partial Foil & Cut $135
  • Monday 10:00 – 5:00
  • Tuesday – Thursday 10:00 – 4:00
  • Friday 10:00 – 8:00
Heather Stevens

Heather came to 10th Avenue while she was still a student in cosmetology school. She began her career as an assistant and, after falling in love with her fellow stylists and the warmth of the family environment, Heather made 10th Avenue her permanent home. Client interaction is what Heather enjoys most about her work, and she like to help them fit their style to their individual needs and teach them to maintain it. Trained at Pensacola State College, Heather continues to seek opportunities to grow her skills and has attended local hair classes and is certified in Global Keratin treatments. A busy mother of two, Heather spends her spare time just enjoying her family.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $40
  • Color & Cut: $110 and up
  • Foil & Cut: $100 and up
  • Keratin: $180 and up
  • Men's Haircut: $25
  • Bridal Hair (in salon): $65 and up
  • Bridal Hair (on location): $75 and up
  • Monday, Friday & Saturday 8-5
  • Tuesday & Wednesday 7-5
  • Thursday 8-6
Jessica Pfleger

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Jordan Romel

Jordan is currently assisting master stylist, Tamar Mitchell

Lana Ernde

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Lani Spann

Lani Spann has been in cosmetology for 25 years and is a Pensacola Junior College alumna. Meeting new people is Lani’s favorite aspect of hair design and she enjoys seeing the instant gratification when a client is happy with their new look. Lani started her career at 10th Avenue and stayed with us for 10 years. Though she left for several years, she and her sister Truli recently returned due to the professional atmosphere and the feeling of famil. Lani’s specialty is cutting and foiling, especially balayage and ombre.

In her spare time, this Gulf Breeze native enjoys playing tennis and is the mother of two teenagers. Though she keeps busy, Lani finds a way to balance her career and family.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Woman's Haircut: $45
  • Men's Haircut: $25
  • Color & Cut: $90
  • Foil & Cut: $120
  • Ombre & Cut: $100
  • Balayage & Cut: $100
  • Monday-Wednesday 8:30-3
  • Friday 8-10:30am
Laramie Massey

A licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years, Laramie is madly in love with the industry. Influenced by a friend of the family, Laramie decided to attend Lorraine’s Hairstyling Academy, a pivot point school. After obtaining his license, he decided to go back to school and started doing hair part time. Part time eventually exploded into a full-time career. Laramie makes it his goal to continually educate himself and even taught classes for 7 years for Gayfer's. He has also worked with Matrix. Laramie specializes in the total picture of stylist service, though short hair is his specialty, and believes firmly that the color and style should complement each other and also fit in with the lifestyle and needs of the client.

Laramie likes to keep busy outside the salon, too and enjoys renovating homes and reconstructing clothes and is an avid reader. With a successful business, Laramie keeps very busy, so appointments are necessary.

Lynda Stier

Lynda has been a licensed cosmetologist for 27 years and simply adores working with her friends, making personal connections with her clients, and constantly meeting new people. She began her journey in 1987 as an assistant to the owner’s brother. In fact, Dale Moore’s mother was one of Lynda’s teachers at George Stone! It seems only natural for Lynda to be working at 10th Avenue because everyone feels like family. Lynda’s specialties include color, foils, and curly hair. Many of Lynda’s clientele are also families. Over the years, she has been in hair shows and was even a stylist on a movie that was filmed in Pensacola. Lynda is very family-oriented and has two adopted children. Married to her high school sweetheart, she has moved around the world and was raised in Europe. Pensacola is now Lynda’s home and she volunteers her spare time to her Hip Huggers Mardi Gras Krewe, the garden club, and is a room mom at her daughter’s school.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $47
  • Men’s Haircut: $32
  • Full Color & Cut: $85
  • Foil & Cut: $115
  • Keratin: $100 and up
  • Kids' Hair Cuts: $25
  • Tuesday 8:30-2
  • Wednesday-Friday 8:30-5:30
Maggie Woodbury

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Megan Anderson

More info Coming Soon

Megan Barton

Megan previously worked as a manager at Sport Clips but wanted to gain more experience with women’s hair. This desire led her to join 10th Avenue. Although men’s haircuts and dry cutting are Megan’s specialty, she enjoys using color. Olaplex is one of her favorite products. A bleach additive, Olaplex repairs the bonds in your hair allowing you to bleach without damage. Educated at George Stone here in Pensacola, Megan takes every opportunity to add to her knowledge and recently attended a hair show in New Orleans. Making people feel good is Megan’s joy, and she looks forward to helping you find your own, unique style.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $35
  • Men's Haircut: $25
  • Children's Cut: $15
  • Color & Cut: $95
  • Ombre: $115 and up
  • Balayage: $70 and up
  • Keratin: $140
  • Olaplex: $30
  • Perm: $80 (requires consultation)
  • Monday - Friday 10-7
  • Saturday 9-5
Pranee Adams

Pranee joined 10th Avenue in October of 2014. She has over four years of experience in the industry with training from a variety of classes. Pranee has studied advanced cutting and color from Steve Hightower, L’Oreal, and Nick Arrojo. Her specialty is balayage and helping clients achieve their goal hair with the most correct and healthy method.

In addition to hair, Pranee shares her outgoing personality with others as a bartender at the Wine Bar in downtown Pensacola. She has two wonderful sons and enjoys cooking during her free time.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women’s Cut $45
  • Men’s Cut $25
  • Color & Cut $90+
  • Monday 10:00 – 3:00
  • Wednesday & Friday 9:00 – 8:00
  • Saturday 10:00 – 5:00
Renee Borden

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Robbie Gonzalez

More info Coming Soon

Sam Gross

Sam’s cosmetology career began right here at 10th Avenue where she was Dale’s assistant over ten years ago. After assisting for a year, Sam started her own business and set up shop here at the salon. Sam likes getting to know people and trying to create a look that fits their needs and lifestyle. Multi-tonal coloring is Sam’s specialty and she strives to create hair that looks natural, but also has some pizazz. She trained at George Stone and has taken numerous classes to hone her skills. Among those classes are Wella cut and color classes as well as Chi classes. She has also attended the Premiere show in Orlando, Florida.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $45
  • Color & Cut: $95 and up
  • Foil & Cut: $120 and up
  • Call for scheduling
Shannon Campbell

Shannon has been a part of the ever-changing beauty business since she was 18 years old. Her training is diverse and extensive with extra hours logged with companies such as Paul Mitchell, Matrix, Logics, Surface, Toni & Guy. She has studied hair cutting and color techniques in New York City with Redken as well as Texas and South Florida with Rusk International. Shannon’s experiences include but are not limited to styling local magazine covers, theater, fashion and wedding shows, and local television.

“My passion is in communicating and creating a look for each individual to enhance their beauty and reflect their best qualities. My clients mean the world to me and bringing beauty into people's lives each day is an honor and a joy.”

In addition to her knowledge of hair, Shannon has a B.A. in psychology and is currently working on her Master's in Counseling and Psychology.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Haircut: $50
  • Men's Haircut: $30
  • Color, Foil & Cut: $115 and up
  • Children's Haircut: $15
  • Ombre: $110 and up
  • Balayage: $100 and up
  • Color & Cut: $105 and up
  • Special Occasion Hair: $45 and up
  • Wednesday 3-8
  • Thursday 9-8
  • Friday 9-7
  • Saturday 9-3
Tamar Mitchell

Tamar has over 20 years of experience in the beauty business. She has been in attendance of some of the largest hair conventions in the world including London, Chicago, Orlando and some intimate classes in Paris. She has also been to Vidal Sassoon in London, Los Angles and New Orleans. Tamar loves the technical, chemical, and artistic aspects of hair and strives to continuously learn and grow as a master stylist.

“Fashion is a reinterpretation of the past using new tools, techniques and new chemicals. Over the years, I’ve learned to keep looking ahead and made it my goal to bring a stylish interpretation of what’s happening now in hair and fashion to my clients. Everyone can be stylish and express themselves no matter what their age. I enjoy discussing with my clients the nature of hair, how it grows, how it interacts with Florida’s lovely humidity and together we come up with a look that is stylish, and works with their hair and life style.”

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Women's Hair Cut and Style: $60 and up
  • Hair Color: $65 and up
  • Tuesday & Thursday 11-7
  • Wednesday 9-3
  • Friday 9-5
  • Every Other Saturday 9-2
Truli Hartley

Truli fell in love with hairdressing 21 years ago, when her sister Lani told her about a job at 10th Avenue as a salon coordinator. While working that position, Truli decided to pursue a cosmetology degree. The social aspects and creating new relationships are Truli’s favorite parts of the industry. As a stylist, she likes using color to bring out each individual’s unique beauty. A Gulf Breeze native, Truli was trained at Pensacola State College and has taken classes at 10th Avenue to continue her education. Though Truli was away for a while, she recently returned to 10th Avenue because of the close relationships and the feeling of family.

Basic Services & Pricing
  • Woman's Haircut: $50
  • Men's Haircut: $30
  • Shampoo, Dry & Style: $25
  • Full Color & Cut: $105
  • Foil & Cut: $140 and up
  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30-7:00